Trade Show Venues

Get The Perfect Trade Show Venue at Claremont Showground

Trade shows occur across Australia in many different industries. Sometimes referred to as trade fairs or trade exhibitions, the Claremont Showground has been the favoured site to host many over the years. When you’re putting on a trade expo, the trade show venue you choose will go a long way toward how positively your attendees respond to your event.

Choose from enormous indoor pavilions –  most of which are free of pillars and other obstructions – making them ideal as trade show venues. Set up as many booths as needed in one of these indoor venues or utilise our outdoor arenas for even more space!

Trade shows are a great way for businesses and start-ups to communicate their product or service benefits to a big and varied audience. Having a fit-for-purpose trade show venue will make all the difference in these customers’ perceptions of your organisation or the businesses on show.

For all your trade show venue needs, Claremont Showground has you covered. Make an enquiry today!

Robinson Pavilion

The largest and most popular venue at the Claremont Showground at 4000sqm in size.

Silver Jubilee Pavilion

This pavilion is popular for exhibitions, trade shows, functions and large retail sales.

Centenary Pavilion

Recently upgraded, this space is a blank canvas ready for your event style and requirements.

Wilkinson Gallery

A great gallery space for exhibitions, but also commonly used for receptions or special occasions.

Jim Webster Pavilion

This pavilion is a popular space for food and drink events, expos and demonstrations.

Ellie Eaton Pavilion

This space is the ideal venue for your upcoming retail sale, performance, studio filming or product launch.

Tom Wilding

Ideal space for trade shows, small exhibitions, filming, factory outlet sales or short term warehousing.


More than 3 hectares in size, the Arena is a perfect space for large festivals, expos and shows.

Higham Park

A versatile outdoor space for festivals, expos and small events with easy access.